Developing Internet Safe Community Foundation

Who We Are

The DISC (Developing Internet Safe Community) Foundation is a registered NGO initiated by a group of IT professionals, Social Engineers from various parts of India and the Middle East. Our team comprises of a team of global experts on child protection online.

The cyber world has evolved into an indispensable and integral part of human life. Unfortunately it also comes with its share of risks and related harms, due to misuse by online offenders who prey on children and gullible individuals. These crimes have grown worse with widespread access, availability and lack of adequate measures. It was under the

Our Vision

our vision

Creation of a clean and safe cyber world by becoming an exemplary action team in the digital habitat.

Our Mission

our vision

To act as a catalyst in society to accomplish the Vision. Develop plans for prevention and rehabilitation.

Latest Events

our vision

Law Enforcement Workshop on 2nd and 3rd of September 2013.
Venue : New Delhi.

Online Predators


All responsible parents feel the most concerned about their children and younger teens. They are the most vulnerable to the so called online predators.

Safer Internet Day


Safer Internet Day (SID) is organized by Insafe in association with European Union in February every year , to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology ..

Latest News

DISC Foundation is planing to conduct Safer Internet Day 2018 with Indian Stake Holders.
February 6, 2018

Founder's Message

Mustafa says, “At some point of time in my life late 1990s I realized that...

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