Developing Internet Safe Community Foundation

About Us

The DISC (Developing Internet Safe Community) Foundation is a registered NGO initiated by a group of IT professionals, Social Engineers from various parts of India and the Middle East. Our team comprises of a team of global experts on child protection online.

The cyber world has evolved into an indispensable and integral part of human life. Unfortunately it also comes with its share of risks and related harms, due to misuse by online offenders who prey on children and gullible individuals. These crimes have grown worse with widespread access, availability and lack of adequate measures. It was under these circumstances, the DISC Foundation was formed to address the potential threats and vulnerabilities posed to Internet users and to facilitate creating a safer online environment. Very often, even well-educated people are not aware of the range and impact of the threats posed by the internet and the vital need to take proper precautions while communicating through it. Often children and teens become vulnerable to the various cyber-crimes particularly those that involves sexual exploitation. DISC puts very high priority in addressing these areas and to create awareness and sensitise communities and policy in that respect. DISC also engages with experts to develop technical, legal and educational solutions in bridging the knowledge gaps and create suitable interventions.

Cyber laws have been created in response to grave crimes committed in the past via the internet. Huge loss of data and money had been caused by cyber criminals. Depending on their political and demographical situations, each country has created cyber laws to counter these crimes. We must be aware that laws applicable in the real world exist in cyber space too. Respecting the privacy and rights of others is the basis of all cyber laws.

As new threats and criminal methodologies emerge on the internet, new laws are required to counter them. In the light of this reality, DISC Foundation seeks to be pro-active in urging everyone concerned with internet safety, to work towards a safer internet.


A world where all individuals benefit from the Internet and can safely interact in the online space.


To support countries in developing comprehensive online safety strategies and channel global expertise and resources to assist in their implementation.

Core Functions Of DISC Foundation



  • Prevention starts with proper awareness about internet threats. We have to depend on various methods and media campaigns to heighten the awareness among people of all ages and education.
  • Some of the methodologies we have planned to execute are: Parents education, Visual media campaigns or programs, Internet campaigns, Helpline/Hotline, Research and studies, and Technical collaborations.


  • Cyber crimes victims can be brought back to normal life by giving proper rehabilitation methods. They do not have to carry this burden for the rest of their lives. Proper counseling and medical treatment will give them a better future.
  • The methods involved in rehabilitation are: Counseling, Medical treatments, Helpline/Hotline, Diversion of interest to other activities etc.


  • For people who use internet in responsible way, it is a boon. It helps to reestablish lost relationships, enrich knowledge and provide a livelihood. So we have to bring the proper awareness to all people who use internet about a safe and secure way of using it.
  • We use the following methods for the promotion of a safer internet: Research, promotional campaigns, Visual Media and Internet Programs, Enabling cyber tool based curriculum, etc.


  • We need to keep an eye on the various threats developing in internet day by day. We at DISC Foundation monitor the possible threats and bring them to the attention of the appropriate authorities in due time.
  • We employ the following methods to bring the possible threats into attention: Research and statistics, summits, real life case studies, establishing advisory boards for governmental agencies, etc.