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Law Enforcement Workshop in New Delhi for Indian Stakeholders on the subject of “Combating Crime against women and children – possible through technology and collaboration”


When: 2nd and 3rd of September 2013
Where: New Delhi


Workshop Attendants

  • Various Law Enforcement Agencies in India
  • United Nation Organizations
  • Social Justice Departments from various states
  • Education Department from various states
  • Civil Societies (NGOs) from India
  • If you are interested to attend the event,



“In India, a child goes missing every eight minutes, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau. Almost 40 percent of those children haven’t been found.”

Wall Street Journal India Real-time. (


Workshop Objectives

  • To understand the existing worst situation of Crime against women and children Online / offline
  • To familiarize the best practices of International Law Enforcement agencies while combating Crime against Women and Children
  • To understand in detail the role of collaboration, technologies and Hotline Canters while combating Crime against Women and Children
  • Understand the impact of Child abused materials in the Indian context
  • To form an action team for Developing a National Strategy for Combating Crime Against Children and woman


Team Formation (Joint Action Team)

At the end of this program a coalition (Joint Action Team) that consists of various relevant stakeholders will be formed to a National Strategy to Combat Crime against Children and Women on an agreed due time. The said Strategy will be submitted to Government for Implementation and JAT will remain a supporting force to the implementation


Workshop deliverers

  • INTERPOL Trafficking Human Being Directorate,INTERPOL HQ,Lyon, France
  • Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Unit, Child Exploitation Section, Toronto, Canada
  • INHOPE – International Association of Internet Hotlines, Holland
  • Program Manager, National Programme to Combat Child Pornography and Child sex tourism, Holland
  • DISC Foundation, India
  • ECPAT, Thailand[formlightbox_call title=”” class=”1374756951589″]Please Register Now[/formlightbox_call]
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    discMohamed Mustafa Saidalavi
    CEO and Founder

    DISC Foundation




    N K Goyal

    President, CMAI

    New Delhi

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