Developing Internet Safe Community Foundation

Law Enforcement Event at Delhi

Workshop Objectives:

  • To familiarize the best practices of International Law Enforcement agencies while combating Woman and Child Abuse
  • To understand the existing worst situation of Online Woman and Child Abuse and Materials
  • To understand in detail the role of collaboration, technologies and Hotline Canters while combating this abuses
  • To form an action team for Developing a National Strategy proposal for Combating Crime Against Children and Women
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On : 2nd and 3rd of Sep-2013

At : India International Center

Subject : “Combating Crime Against Children and Women Possible through Technology and Collaboration”

Workshop Deliverers:

  • INTERPOL Trafficking Human Being Directorate
  • Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Unit, Child Exploitation Section, Toronto, Canada
  • Delhi Police Crime Branch
  • Jharkhand Police
  • India Broadband Forum
  • Tech Mahindra
  • INHOPE – International Association of Internet Hotlines, Holland
  • Individual consultant to UNODC
  • CMAI India
  • DISC Foundation, India
  • ECPAT, Thailand
  • Ahhan Foundation
National Strategy to Combat Crime against Children and Women – Joint Action Team

At the end of this mission a coalition (Joint Action Team) that consists of various relevant stakeholders will be formed to develop and execute a National Strategy to Combat Crime against Children and Woman.


15 Month Objectives

1. A National Hotline Center in collaboration with

2. Peer-to-Peer and TLO software implementation and Training for the Indian Law Enforcement Stakeholders
3. Safer Internet Day 2014

SID will be celebrated in India first time as a national event on 11 February 2014.

If we managed to mark it broadly we will be the largest community than Europe to mark this prestigious event

4. We will target at least 15 % of the parents and 30% of Children in India to provide Safer Internet awareness during this tenure

5. National Online Minors Summit on “Our Rights and Responsibilities Online” (Title is subjected to discussion and change

6. Facilitate collaboration with Indian National Crime Records Bureau to access International Child Sexual Exploitation image database (ICSE-DB)