Developing Internet Safe Community Foundation

Internet Threats

Child Pornography

  • It refers to images, films or writings which include sexually exploitive activities involving a child.


  • Propaganda, internet campaigns or articles aimed at spreading hatred and terrorism through internet.

Child Grooming

  • Establishing emotional relationship with children to reduce inhibitions about sex and later to sexually exploit them.

Privacy Invasion

  • Collection of personal information other preferences through the monitoring of behavioral patterns and selections.


  • Addiction to online gaming which prevents socialization of kids and change of behavior through the aggressive gaming methods.


  • Instigation of violence through internet campaigns against other people and government.

Cyber Scams

  • Organized schemes by internet crooks to rob innocent people of their money and possessions.


  • Illegal gambling through internet resulting in loss of money.

Missed Call Scam

  • Purposefully giving missed calls and thus urging the receiver to call back resulting in loss of money.


  • The act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.

Cyber Relationship

  • Intimate interpersonal relationship between individuals online who know each other only via internet.

Hateful Contents

  • Spreading of hateful contents online to instigate violence and hatred between people of different races, casts and religion.

Internet Addiction

  • Refers to excessive computer usage which affects daily life, family relationships and career.

Spy Cam

  • Installation of hidden cameras to obtain information and images invading privacy and violating laws.


  • Refers to the act of attempting to obtain personal information, financial details, username, passwords etc through duplicate websites and malwares.

Child Sex predators

  • A person who establish an emotional relationship with children to exploit them sexually.

Cyber Bullying

  • Harassing, humiliating or threatening another person through electronic media like internet and text messaging.


  • Visual materials containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity available in internet.